ICI Conference 2016

Competitive and market intelligence (CI/MI) are not only about research and ana­lysis of past events. The under­lying ques­tions are often: How will a compe­titor act in the future? How will my market develop? This confe­rence will focus on approa­ches to master future trends, fore­casting, predi­ctive analy­sis, early warning, war gaming, trend moni­toring and related methods to predict the future.

Topics to Be Covered During the Conference:

  • Market intelligence

  • Identi­fying trends, early warning and in­no­vation manage­ment

  • Organizing competi­tive intel­ligence pro­cesses

  • War gaming

  • Technical intel­ligence

  • Human intel­ligence col­lec­tion

  • Pricing intelligence

  • How to ex­ploit CI sour­ces effi­cient­ly



  • Motivating keynote spea­kers to in­spire change

  • Cutting-edge presen­ta­tions

  • Exciting expert talks

  • Innovative and hands-on tuto­rials to help build your skill set

  • Ample networking breaks and social oppor­tuni­ties for making meaning­ful con­nec­tions

  • Leading vendor exhi­bition

Tipo de Evento: Conferencia
Lugar: Dolce-Conference-Hotel (at the spa gardens) Elvis-Presley-Platz 1 D-61231 Bad Nauheim
País: Alemania
Fecha inicio: 19/04/2016
Fecha fin: 22/04/2016

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