How Win-Loss Analysis Captures and Keeps New Business

Do you know why you're losing business? If you don't ask your customers, you can only guess. Remove the guesswork by conducting Win/Loss interviews with your customers and former prospects. You can find out why they chose to do business with your company or a competitor...and how they arrived at their buying decision. The bottom line is: Win/Loss analysis helps you improve win rates and retain more business. Research indicates that taking action from a formal Win/Loss program can improve win rates by between 15 to 30 percent.
Beyond improving win rates, Win/Loss is a great source of competitive intelligence, customer insight, product development and even strategic ideas. This webinar will provide you a wealth of practical and beneficial ways to improve all of these activities.

Learn what Win/Loss analysis is, and how your company can benefit from a formal Win/Loss program
Learn the 12-Step Win/Loss analysis process to develop a world-class Win/Loss program
Learn 9 tips to improve your interviewing skill
Win/Loss issues: recording interviews, compensating interviewees, security, company disclosure
Learn the Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Win/Loss versus In-House or Hybrid programs

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