6th Global TechMining Conference

Tech Mining, a special form of "Big Data" analytics, aims to generate Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI) using bibliometric and text-mining software (e.g., VantagePoint, TDA) as well as other analytical & visualization applications for analyses of Science, Technology & Innovation (ST&I) information resources. The goal of the conference is to ENGAGE cross-disciplinary networks of analysts, software specialists, researchers, policymakers, and managers to ADVANCE the use of textual information in multiple science, technology, and business development fields. The conference program will address key CHALLENGES in:


Sourcing, preparing, and interpreting data sources including patents, publications, webscraping, and other novel data sources
Text-mining tools and methods

Best practices in software-based topic modeling, clumping, association rules, term manipulation, text manipulation, etc.
Applied research

Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA)
Intelligence gathering to support decision-making in the private sector (e.g., Management of Technology)
This conference is intended for researchers and students across multiple fields, especially Scientometrics, Public Policy, Management of Technology and Information Science.


Tipo de Evento: Conferencia
Lugar: Universidad Politécnica Valencia
País: España
Fecha inicio: 13/09/2016
Fecha fin: 13/09/2016

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